Our clients love it here and I bet you will, too. After joining Real Fitness Coaching many of our clients notice positive changes in themselves and in their lives. Since joining our supportive and caring community many clients have described themselves as “strong, comfortable in my own skin, happy, like my best self, accomplished, connected, full of energy, lean, beautiful, balanced, like I belong, authentic, and fit”. I love helping people reinvent themselves! Enjoy learning about some of our clients success stories below.


Lost 16 pounds of fat.
For over a year, I tried to exercise, lose weight and get in shape on my own post-baby. Nothing worked. Sarah was exactly what I needed. She straightened out my food, helped me know what to eat for fat loss and in what portions. I am 35 pounds lighter than I was a year ago. She is a life saver and an even better life coach. Her work goes beyond exercise and nutrition!

Lost 10 pounds of fat.
I started coming to Real Fitness Coaching in March 2006, three months after my daughter was born. I wanted to lose weight, gain energy and do something for myself. I began loving the structure and routine of my workouts and looked forward to coming to the gym. At Real Fitness, I found a wonderful community of people. The members are fun, supportive, open and work to lift each other up. The coaches and member have made a huge impact on my life; I am more confident, energetic, healthy, and stong since becoming a member here. I love pushing myself now and seeing what I am able to accomplish. I have made life long nutritional and behavioral changes that have forever altered me. I am now in the best share of my life and feel great.

Lost 27 pounds of fat.
I can wear a pair of jeans that I have not worn since 2001. Before I started with Sarah I couldn’t even get them on. A few months into our sessions I could get them on but not reallly close them up. Now they fit, Yay! I feel more confident and more positive about my weight and body shape.

Lost 15 pounds of fat and 9 inches.
“Thanks to how strong I’ve gotten at RFC, I was back working out just 3 weeks after my hip replacement surgery!” Carl Hunt, 69 years old, retired, lost 15 pounds of fat. Plus his surgeon told him he was the strongest patient they’d ever seen pre-surgery and recovered faster than anyone his age.

Lost 31 pounds of fat.
I started coming here in October 2010. That summer I just sort of let myself go and I was kind of in a slump. I hit an all time low… actually, it was an all time high in terms of how much I weighed.  Looking back on it now, I realize that I felt badly about myself, hated the way I looked in pictures, I stopped using floor length mirrors and was steadily getting a little bit bigger and heavier. I finally reached my breaking point when I was faced with the pathetic fact that I had grown out of a pair of jeans in just a couple of months. I used to be pretty active but organized exercise and dieting are not things I had ever been good at motivating myself for. With the help, support, expertise, and encouragement from the coaches at RFC, I have been able to totally transform my body, my health and my attitude. I like the implied accountability of my weekly appointments. I love the variety in the monthly workouts. I always receive a small butt-kicking at any of the classes. I know I still have a lot of work to do but it now feels like it’s possible. I will be eternally grateful to Real Fitness Coaching (and that pair of jeans that wouldn’t button!) for getting me started.

Lost 8 pounds of fat.
Before my baby I would workout here and there. I’d always tell myself, “I can do it later…” But after having just had my first child, it has now become a priority to exercise and I enjoy it more than ever!

I have learned so much at Real Fitness Coaching, and I love how the workouts vary every 4-6 weeks. I feel like I know exactly what to do on the days I’m not at RFC. I’ve also learned a ton about nutrition, and it’s getting easier to time my starches. I look forward to and enjoy my “free” meals more than ever!

All in all it has been the best experience for me at Real Fitness Coaching. I feel so good about my post-baby body and my workouts are now my “me time”. I am more motivated than ever… Plus, I am back in ALL my pre-baby clothes, and I did it in 3 months!

Lost 10 pounds of fat.
The first thing I noticed within about a week of going to Real Fitness Coaching, was that I was sleeping better. Two weeks later my sluggishness was gone, and now my skin looks better than ever!

My clothes are fitting better and some of my pants are now too big. I just did a check on my spring clothes and discovered that I can now wear 6 pairs of pants, 2 skirts, 2 shirts and 1 dress that were before too tight and I didn’t dare to wear last summer. Many of these clothes look better on me now than they did before. Back then, I was a skinny-fat girl who had zero tone. Now my muscles actually have lifted and shaped my body.

I have more energy, feel more confident, centered and relaxed. My posture is improved and my core is stronger than it ever has been! I look forward to my workouts and the classes, and I never thought I would say that! I am amazed that I’m “allowed” to eat fat, and that I don’t have to count calories. I’m feeling more “nurtured”, it feels good to be taking care of myself and it’s comforting to know that my coaches are looking out for me too!

Lost 10 pounds of fat.
Before I joined Real Fitness Coaching I would join gyms, get really excited to work out and then lose interest about 2 weeks into it. I realized that gyms terrified me; walking around looking at all the machines and buff dudes. I also felt like everyone was watching me.I am the mother of twin boys who just turned 5 and I was approaching my 35th birthday. How was I going to keep up with these boys if I couldn’t stay in shape? Then I found Real Fitness Coaching through a friend. I tried a one-month trial and was hooked. In three months I had worked out more than I had in 3 years. I was also eating in a new way; more frequently and timing my carbohydrate consumption. I was finally living and feeling healthy.

I think the most amazing feature of RFC is my mental and emotional shift around exercising. Working out with other people of all ages and strengths, and being in a supportive and nurturing environment has made this about my journey and not about comparing myself to my Boulder athlete friends…

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