“Sarah is so amazing with her kindness and innovative fitness plans. Her approach is stress-free, enjoyable yet with fantastic results. More people would exercise and look forward to it if there were more coaches like Sarah. As I age, I am getting stronger and healthier, working out smartly through her individualized tailored workout program. I plan to be working out with her for many, many more years. What a gift she is in my life.” — Teresa

Everything about working out with Sarah at RFC works. I’ve been with her for 3 years and it never gets old. She’s always checking in with her clients, taking many notes, tracking progress, and then changes your custom-tailored workout every 6 weeks. It’s all about progress and she takes into consideration the goals of each client. It’s a community oriented place and it’s fun to work out with other clients. I don’t know what I would do if Sarah wasn’t running RFC in Boulder.” — Becky

“Several years ago I realized I was getting old, not just getting older. What a shocker. I had always been slim, but after menopause I gained so much weight, that at the rate I was going I would be a blimp before I hit 73. But, what to do? I had done various diet and exercise programs, mostly on my own but with some guidance, but somehow they were not “right” for me. Either I was trying to keep up with a bunch of 20-somethings or with elderly people who were experiencing aging effects far worse than mine. With diet, I just could not lose weight in the right places. I was in a “do or die (slowly)” place. Then I heard about Real Fitness Coaching from a couple of people I really respected, and I met Sarah. And my fitness life changed. Sarah started me out with something I could do without being overly stressed or challenged. She taught me how to be consistent and what to do. She kept me reaching for more and achieving more. She made the whole experience enjoyable. She made me accountable and this combo made all the difference to me. I like the camaraderie among the clients and the variety of ages, backgrounds, fitness goals and just plain being with like-minded good folks. Sarah’s care has stimulated me to seek out healthful solutions to challenges I face. I no longer binge eat, for instance, when I am stressed. My lifestyle changes are subtle–I wasn’t doing too bad before–but these tweaks have made all the difference. I found foods that I really love and that make my body function properly. I went from being borderline obese to fit and slim. I feel better in my clothes with nearly a whole new wardrobe. The sense of achievement from reaching my goals while understanding that I can do even more and get even better is very satisfying. Also exciting and stabilizing because I have a path to follow that works for me. That is why I keep coming back and am happy to make Real Fitness a priority in my life.” — Sue

“I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough. She is far and away the best trainer I have worked with. She not only has superior knowledge of exercise physiology, but also keeps my workouts fresh, fun and effective. She is always paying close attention to my form and effort level, and she knows just how to motivate and clearly explain ways to improve them. My strength, flexibility and endurance have greatly increased in a matter of weeks. Thank you Sarah!” — Robin

“I was at the gym today and did all the exercises you taught me, thank you I really got a lot out of meeting with you. My experience with you was very present, you are so comfortable with your skills I felt you could focus on me and my needs and not just give me something canned. Also, I have to admit I was thinking well, I have been to many trainers, and I was pleasantly surprised that you gave me all new exercises to keep me excited and ideas to keep myself consistent. After reading your resume I felt as though you come from a unique background of fitness, healing and fun. Thank you for sharing your genius and I would feel great about referring anyone who is serious about their health to you!” — Rachel

“I’ve been struggling with my weight and my lack of athletic prowess for most of my life. I yo-yo dieted and hated working out. Since working out at Real Fitness Coaching, I have lost body fat, and have made exercise a regularly scheduled part of my life. Working out with Sarah has been fun, challenging, and has given me a sense of accomplishment and pride. My goal is to learn how to enjoy getting fit and staying fit for the rest of my life and I’m definitely making progress! Brava RFC and thank you form the bottom of my heart!.”  — Wendy

“I started coming to RFC three months after my daughter was born. I wanted to lose weight, gain energy and do something for myself. I began loving the structure and routine of my workouts and looked forward to them. I found a community that is fun, open, supportive and positively uplifting. It has made a huge impact on my life, I am more confident, energetic, healthy and strong. I am now in the best shape of my life! I have made life long nutritional and behavioral changes that have forever altered me.”  — Erin

“I have noticed a great difference in my size, body shape and muscle tone. I have worked with many other trainers in the past and I find that Sarah’s knowledge and consideration of my goals have been different from other trainers. Sarah has built my training program around MY goals. In the past, most trainers had me lifting weights only; Sarah combines weights, cardio and core training in a way that has benefited me the most. She is professional, timely, and has a friendly disposition!” — Mary

“I really can’t imagine that trainers can get any better than Sarah. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and diabetes management. She is a fantastic person to work with. She becomes your best friend, and you hate her at the same time. And she’s okay with that! Don’t let her looks deceive you, the girl is tough. The first time I met Sarah she was prepared with questions and forms that I needed to fill out, and that my doctor needed to complete. At our next meeting, I was impressed to see that she had an exercise plan that was tailored to me. She gave me homework, helped me set goals, and gave me reading assignments. After working with Sarah for six months, I have lost weight, gained stamina, and have a better idea of how to manage my condition. Anyone would be very fortunate to have her as a trainer!”
— Bridget

“Working with Sarah, gave me the tools and the structure to make dramatic and lasting changes in fitness and health. In hindsight, it was the perfect program–introducing the right amount of challenge and knowledge that I was ready for. It was like jumping into a pot of water that was warm, but not too warm, and over time turning up the heat until I was happily bubbling away–feeling more vibrant and strong. I continue to come because I love that my workouts and goals are tailored to me–where I am and what I want to accomplish. And I love that Sarah is hyper aware of real time changes–when to push and when to pull back. I’m really grateful to get to work with Sarah!” — Krista

“I come to RFC for my overall health. Having a welcoming environment that pushes me without overwhelming my body keeps me coming back consistently. In a busy and sometimes crazy life, this keeps me grounded. When life gets busy and so many things can be unexpected and throw you off your routine, its so wonderful having a safe place to always come back to and get me back on track. RFC is more than just “going go the gym” — its overall health and wellness. We discuss exercise, nutrition and mental well-being while having lots of fun and keeping each other company on the journey.” — Bethany